About us

Classic Opera Ticket offers all those who are passionate about classical music, opera and ballet the collection of the most interesting shows at European level, from Vienna to Sorrento, from Paris to Florence. Founded in Barcelona in 2018, Classic Opera Ticket is a portal specialized in the distribution of tickets for opera and classical music concerts. At Classic Opera Ticket, we receive the official authorization to sell tickets by the concert organizers. We keep constantly in touch with the Artistic Direction and Administration of the Artistic Production Companies, to update all information on our website in real time. Classic Opera Ticket provides a simple, immediate and multilingual service for the reservation of seats. Our staff is always ready to answer any enquiries via email and chat. All payments through Classic Opera Ticket are secured and SSL-encrypted to protect the transactions and provide our customers with their e-Tickets, which are instantly sent via email from our website. On Classic Opera Ticket you can browse the broadest offer of shows in a number of European art cities and capital cities. There are choices for all tastes, from concerts in intimate and evocative locations, like ancient churches and historical palaces, to large opera events in the most famous theatres. We collaborate with prestigious venues, first and foremost the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona, from where we started our journey through the European music scene. Feel safe to purchase, you will not receive any unwanted advertisement from our website. We will not share your personal data with third parties. If you wish to follow us and be updated with the latest news from the classical music world, you can subscribe to our newsletter. We always appreciate the opinions and suggestions that we receive from our users, to improve our services and meet your needs. Please send us feedback on our service and your concert experience, we are keen on listening to your desires. You can comfortably view and purchase our shows from your PC at home, or from your mobile phone when you are on the go. Download or print your ticket in few clicks and attend a magical event! The easiest way to enjoy an unforgettable soirée starts here.