La Traviata at Salone Margherita

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Salone Margherita Theatre, Via dei Due Macelli 75, Rome

Show h 8:30 pm - Show with Dinner h 7:30 pm

The Orchestra I Virtuosi dell’opera di Roma, formed by professors of the most prestigious Italian conservatories, is specialized in performing whole opera repertoire, specially from the Italian lyrical tradition.

“La Traviata”, the most famous opera by Giuseppe Verdi, set in Paris in the XIX century, narrates the story of the impossible love between Violetta, a well-known courtesan, and Alfredo, a young good-looking nobleman. Since its beginning, their story is predestined to end in tragedy.

During a party, the courtesan Violetta discovers that Alfredo loves her. A short while afterwards, they are living together near Paris, but because of her past behaviour, Alfredo’s father asks her to leave him. Violetta sacrifices herself and Alfredo, unaware, hurts her. A few months later, Violetta is dying. Soon Alfredo is there at her bedside. Crying out that she feels life returning, she falls dead in his arms.

Approximate duration (min.): 150

Reductions apply to: Under 18, Students (MAX 27 years), Groups (min 15 pax), Military, Roma Pass.

The famous opera by Verdi with costumes and scenery, performed by I Virtuosi dell’opera di Roma. 

CAST - I Virtuosi dell'Opera di Roma

Violetta Valery Carmela Maffongelli - Sabrina Testa - Soprano

Flora Bervoix-Annina Irene Bottaro - Maria Ratkova - Mezzo-soprano

Alfredo Germont Domenico Tegliafilo - Adriano Gentili - Tenor

Giorgio Germont Paolo Drigo - Giancarlo Pera - Baritone

Gastone Guido Bernoni - Tenor

Barone Duphol Andrea Cionci - Baritone

Marchese d’Orbigny Stefano Viti - Bass

Dottor Grenvil Silvio Riccardi - Bass

Servo di Violetta Giuseppe Meli - Tenor

Domestico di Flora Enzo Ferrari - Bass

Commissionario Lorenzo Scaccia - Bass

Dinner Option:

Concert with dinner seating in the theater boxes can only be booked by table.
Please choose:
1 table for 2 guests
1 table for 3 guests
1 table for 4 guests.
You can also choose individual concert seating in the balcony, combined with single dinner seating in the theater's 'Liberty Room', located behind the balcony.
One of the oldest traditions of the theater is the pasta buffet. This tradition has been maintained to this day, and there will be a small pasta tasting on the ground floor of the theater before the performance or during the break.
Program for guests who book a table for 2, 3, or 4: 
7pm Admission time
7.30pm-8.30pm Dinner (starter, first course, second course)
8.30pm Performance starts
c.9.15pm Intermission & dessert
11pm Event ends
Program for guests who book individual balcony seating:
7pm Admission time
7.30pm-8.30pm Dinner begins in the Liberty Room with Antipasto and First Course
8.30pm Performance starts
- 1st Act
- Main Course in Liberty Room
- 2nd Act
- Dessert in Liberty Room
- 3rd Act
11pm Event ends
More Information
Location Salone Margherita Theatre, Via dei Due Macelli 75, Rome
Opening time 7:00 pm - Dinner 7:30 pm
Start time 8:30 pm
End time 11:00 pm
Breaks one break at 9:15 pm
Reduction Under 18, Students (MAX 27 years), Groups (min 15 pax), Military, Roma Pass.
Toilet Yes