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Reach a broader audience with Classic Opera Ticket!

What we can offer you

  • 1. Additional marketing support to increase your online ticket sales.
  • 2. Professional Graphics, Copywriting, Translation and SEO for the presentation of your event.
  • 3. Sales and multilingual customer service.
  • 4. International network of loyal customers.
  • 5. Track your bookings at a glance by signing into your account.
  • 6. Worldwide network of travel industry partners.
  • 7. Social media marketing in multiple languages.
  • 8. Exclusively dedicated to opera and classical music, for strategically targeted promotion.
  • 9. Free registration, no subscription fees, no maintenance costs.
  • 10. Unlimited number of event insertions.

How it Works

  • 1. Our professional graphic, copywriting and translation teams post your events to our portal.
  • 2. Order requests are immediately emailed to you.
  • 3. Customers receive an e-Ticket by email, to be presented at your event venue.
  • 4. You will send us a monthly invoice at the end of each month, reporting the net price of the tickets sold through our portal.
  • 5. No minimum amount of ticket sales required.
  • 6. No need to install any specific software.


  • 1. Officially Authorized Ticket Partner.
  • 2. Top customer satisfaction.