Reinassance Dance - Dancing with Leonora

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Saturday December 21st at 3:00 pm
St. Mark's English Church, Via Maggio 18, Florence
Reinassance Dance show with opera, on the occasion of the 500th Anniversary of the birth of Cosimo I de' Medici, recreating the wedding of the Grand Duke of Tuscany and the Spanish Duchess Leonora de Toledo in 1539 in Florence.

The show narrates the first meeting between Cosimo de' Medici and Leonora de Toledo and their wedding, the last great celebration held in the Medici Palace in 1539. The decorations for the grand banquet were described by Francesco Giambullari in a letter to Giovanni Bandini that was published on the same year. Cosimo and Leonora dance together, accompanied by two ladies of the Florentine court. The typical music of the XVI century was composed by Lorenzo Allegri, Pierre Attaignant, Francesco Corteccia, Andrea Falconieri and Michael Praetorius.
Artistic Direction: Sofia Grande
Coreography: Marco Bendoni and Bruna Gondoni 
Marco Bendoni, Cosimo I de´Medici
Bruna Gondoni, Leonora de Toledo
Beatrice Brignani, lady at the Duke's Court
Sherezade Soriano, lady at the Duke's Court
Saray Garcia, Musica i Musa
Communication: Eli Arana 
Consultant: Victoria Padrón
Sara Benitez and Barbara Llopis (costumes) 

ILE Productions
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Location St. Mark's Church, Via Maggio, 18, Florence
Start time 3:00 pm
End time 4:00 pm