Requiem by Mozart and Boléro by Ravel at La Madeleine

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Requiem de Mozart / Boléro de Ravel
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March 6th 2020 h 8:30 pm Church of La Madeleine, Place de La Madeleine, Paris.

Youth, ambition, eclecticism: the Hélios Orchestra's mission is the professional placement of young musicians by means of the orchestra practice. The Orchestra has been created by its artistic director Paul Savalle and allows young graduates to perfect their technique at the side of expert musicians and conductors in the best working conditions. Founded in 2014, the Hélios Orchestra has imposed itself in the Frech orchestral music scene. It offers a great variety of programmes, ranging from Baroque to Contemporary music.

Requiem by Mozart

The peculiar circumstances in which the work was assigned and the tragic health conditions affecting its composer add to the legend surrounding the Requiem. In July 1791, the earl Walsegg-Stuppach, under cover, ordered Mozart to compose a Requiem Mass for his spouse who had passed away in February. The deadline for the composition was postponed to October, owing to Mozart’s intense work on the composition of The Clemency of Titus and The Magic Flute.

Due to the composer’s death, the Requiem remained unfinished. During the last period of his illness, Mozart had composed the entire «Requiem aeternam». From Kyrie to Confutatis, he had only composed the vocal parts and some instrumental music. For the Lacrimosa, he had only composed the beginning of the vocal part and of the violin part, in addition to some fragments. When Mozart passed away, some of his close friends sang the Requiem for him.

The Boléro by Ravel

The Bolero is the most frequently performed classical music piece in the world: one performance every 15 minutes. At the time of its creation, the composer gave away the copyright to his gardener, not expecting the Bolero to achieve such widespread success.

The work is the archetype of the ostinato music form. The various instruments repeat in turns the persistent melody based on the drums, with a constant rhythmic beat.

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Location Church of La Madeleine, Place de La Madeleine, Paris
Start time 8:30 pm
Disabled access Yes
Reduction Unemployed and Students
Air conditioning No
Toilet No
Metro Line 14, Line 8, Line 12
Bus Line 24, Line 42, Line 84, Line 94, Line 45, Line 52
Taxi Distance from central railway station: 700 m