Stabat Mater by G.B. Pergolesi

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Wednesday 8th April 2020 at 8:30 pm
Caravita Church, via del Caravita 7, Rome
Opera e Lirica presents a musical and spiritual work, one of the most significant classical music compositions in XVIII century: Wednesday April 8th 2020 at 8:30 pm, the Stabat Mater concerto by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi will be held at the Caravita Oratory in Rome. The expanded formation of Opera e Lirica Symphony Orchestra will be directed by Elvin Dhimtri.

Stabat Mater, an evocative work composed for the liturgy of the Holy Week, expresses the feeling of mankind before the loss of our dear ones and the omen of the end. Both the content and the life events happening to the composer are entwined with these feelings. Pergolesi, indeed, was struck by phtisis and passed away prematurely at 26. He fought until the end to complete his masterpiece before taking his last breath.

Thus, his last deed was a musical meditation on the words of Jacopone da Todi, who had narrated Our Lady’s tragedy since medieval times. Mary loses her son on the cross and desperately cries while she has no power to save Him. She is the protagonist of this work, and, since she is a mother, she suffers in a human and tangible way.

Her sorrow is translated by Pergolesi into a musical form made of melodic contrast, clashing voices, and instruments reproducing the metallic sound of the hammer hitting the nails on the cross. In line with the most typical XVIII-century tradition, there are moments of great tension followed by softer and more serene sections. They represent a break in Mary’s lament when the light of faith fills her eyes. The final Amen, accompanied by a counterpoint tune, introduces the silence of death.

The task assigned to Giovanni Battista Pergolesi was not easy. He had to innovate the Stabat Mater canonical composition by Alessandro Scarlatti, while keeping the traditional sequence of arias for solo and duet (soprano and contralto). Pergolesi mastered the task magnificently, by combining the structure of the existing composition with a focus on pathos and feelings, reaching a cohesive work that balances between archaic reminiscences and the most dramatic treble. A wonderful concerto that cannot be missed, in the holy atmosphere of the Caravita Oratory.

Soprano and Contralto

Opera e Lirica Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Elvin Dhimitri



Adagio by Tomaso Albinoni

Stabat Mater by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi

“Stabat Mater” (Grave) duet

“Cujus animam” (Andante) soprano

“O quam tristis” (Larghetto) duet

“Quae moerebat” (Allegro moderato) contralto

“Quis est homo” (Largo, Allegro) duet

“Vidit suum” (Tempo giusto) soprano

“Eja Mater” (Allegro moderato) contralto

“Fac ut ardeat” (Allegro) duet

“Sancta Mater” (Tempo giusto) duet

“Fac ut portem” (Largo) contralto

“Inflammatus” (Allegro) soprano

“Quando corpus e amen” (Largo e Allegro) duet

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Location Caravita Church, via del Caravita 7, Rome
Opening time 8:00 pm
Start time 8:30 pm
End time 10:00 pm
Free drink No
Disabled access No
Air conditioning No
Toilet No
Metro Metro "A" Spagna
Bus Line 51-62-63-80-83-85-117-160-492-628
Taxi Piazza Venezia 100 mt